Who are we?

The DMC1 was founded out of a long frustration of being unable to fabricate precise things affordably. Sure, 3D printing is great- but as university students on a highly competitive robotics team, when we needed real functional metal components for our robots, plastic just wouldn't cut it. Sending off our parts to be CNC machined by job-shops was expensive, and on top of that every prototype part that didn’t work perfectly the first time meant hundreds of dollars wasted. As a result, I eventually decided to solve the problem myself and build my own CNC for the team.

Fast forward 3 years and 4 prototypes later, and the DMC1 is a premium finished product. It was originally intended to be a personal project but due to its incredible performance and demand from the community, I realized I had an amazing machine on my hands and needed to share it.

Today we are a growing company located in downtown Toronto, Ontario. After countless parts, tests, and hundreds of hours of machining on every prototype, we are proud to announce the finished DMC1 CNC ready for mass production. We can’t wait to see what you'll do with the power of machining in your hands! ​

This is where it all started. Building Mars Rovers for the University Rover Challenge. This 2017 rover arm was entirely built on the first prototype DMC1 CNC. From left to right, Feroz Balsara (Rover Team Lead), Gabe Casciano (Rover Hardware Developer), Omar Shariff (Shariff DMC CEO), Michel Kiflen (Rover Science Developer).