What is the DMC1?

The DMC1 is a professional 3 axis desktop CNC milling machine unlike anything you've seen before. It's designed with one goal in mind: To bring you the core capabilities of a job shop $50,000 industrial grade CNC machine into a smaller, affordable, accessible, and just as accurate form. From it’s solid steel construction to dual ballscrew driven axes, the DMC1 offers incredible rigidity, power and accuracy in a truly affordable package you can fit into just about any shop corner.

What can it cut?

The DMC1 is a machine that can cut pretty much ANYTHING. And we mean it. This is not meant to be an “engraving machine” or a router or a “hobby grade” tool. We’ve packed a 1500 watt (2 Horsepower) precision made variable speed spindle, so that you can cut aluminum, steel, stainless, titanium... Basically anything you have a suitable end mill for. The spindle has both the constant torque and the speed (100-12000rpm) to accommodate different cutting requirements for maximum efficiency. Check out our gallery and YouTube channel to see for yourself!

Why buy the DMC1?

The DMC1 is all about the power to make your own machined parts with high speed and low cost - essentially to remove the need for outsourcing parts to machine shops. Its extremely costly and inefficient in a prototyping or low volume production scenario to be sending small quantity parts out to be made on big $50,000+ machines by someone else. It makes sense from a cost and time perspective to have your own CNC in house.

What makes it unique?

The DMC1 features incredibly low backlash, and is built with thick 15mm linear rails, dual ballnuts on the X and Y axes, and of course a rigid steel frame to hold it all together. The spindle has an integrated ER11 collet so you'll be able to hold anywhere from 1mm to 7mm end mills. The machine has flood coolant, built in probing, and comes with a 4" precision vise. This combination is unseen on any desktop CNC machine, and is what truly sets us apart from our competitors.