Frequently Asked Questions

What tools can the DMC1 hold?

The DMC1 comes with an ER11 collet buillt into the spindle and a 13 piece metric collet set. It can hold anywhere from 1-7mm end mills.

What kind of tolerances can the DMC1 hold in steel?

The DMC1 can hold much smaller than 0.01mm toleranes in any material- on paper. In real life however, you need to pay attention to your toolpaths and cutting strategies (for example, always doing a finishing pass) to maintain these 0.01mm tolerances. Check out our YouTube channel for examples on how we tackle different jobs and materials, and see how we maintain 0.01mm tolerances in differnet materials.

How big is the machining envelope?

The DMC1 has a travel of 12 inches in X, 8 inches in Y and 5.5 inches in Z.

What software do I need? Is it provided?

To run your CNC you need two pieces of software. First you need a CAM software to generate Gcode. We reccomend the free Autodesk Fusion360 CAD/CAM program. Secondly, you need a Gcode sender than communicates over parallel port. We reccommend Mach3 or Mach4 from . These are relatively inexpensive. There are other free options such as LinuxCNC that should work, although we have not tested it yet. If you are buying the USB controller option, our controller ONLY works with Mach3. Other controllers are available from other retailers for Mach4 and other softwares, but they much more expensive than our option and do not add any functionality over Mach3.

What is the spindle RPM?

The spindle is powered by a VFD. It can operate anywhere from 100-12000 RPM. Realistically, for all materials we run it at maximum speed.

Can the DMC1 machine circuit boards?

Yes! Of course. We'll have a video soon about this, however you will most likely want to use a PCB milling software to generate the Gcode in this case rather than Fusion360.

What do I need to get in addition to the DMC1 CNC to start making parts?

After buying the DMC1 from us you will still need the following: -CAM software -Gcode sending software -A computer -A small container for flood coolant -Coolant -End mills Everything else you need to be up and running is provided with the machine.

Are all of the electronics provided?

Yes. The DMC1 sells as a full mechanical and electrical solution, minus the computer you need to run it.

How hard is the kit to build?

Purchasing the DMC1 Kit version is cheaper but means you have to assemble it yourself. We are taking every effort possible to provide as simple and clear of an instruction manual/video to aid in building the kit, but some users may still find it a bit challenging. Everything is straightforward, but aligning the rails to be parallel and making sure the frame is perpendicular (with the included digital angle tool) might be a difficult concept for some people to grasp. We recommend having a little experience with hand tools/ 3D printer sort of things, or at least getting a friend to help who does. Again, everything will thoroughly be covered in our video tutorials, and we are always ready to help provide one on one assistance when possible.

We estimate the kit will take about 2 days to build. It makes a great weekend project!

Does the machince connect over USB?

Yes! The DMC1 ships with a USB controller. This controller is only compatible with the Mach3 software from artsoft. There is also a parallel port controller option. This controller is compatible with Mach3, Mach4, and LinuxCNC. You must specify that you want a parallel port contoller when ordering otherwise we will send the USB one by defualt.