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DMC2 kits ship via courier as 6 piece shipments. Shipping is handled by UPS ground for North America, and DHL express for other international deliveries.

Kits ship as a list of basic items on the commercial invoice to simplify the customs clearance process, such as "manufactured steel components", "electrical motors and controllers" etc. This avoids the problem of shipping a single item spread over multiple boxes which will trigger questions with customs clearance.

Assembled machines ship in a crate, and only deliver to Canada and the USA via ground shipping. Additional delivery fees apply if the drop-off location requires liftgate or is a residential area. Please contact us with your address for a full quote.

If you are purchasing multiple machines/kits we can arrange shipping them in a crate which will be significantly cheaper. 

If you require any special shipping arrangements please indicate so in the order form.

Payment Methods

We accept payments in either US dollars or Canadian dollars, you must specify your preferred currency in the order form. We use Stripe invoicing for collecting payments which allows us to send you an invoice by email with a credit card payment link hosted by Stripe. Stripe will send you a receipt after payment. 

We also can accept wire transfers in CAD or USD. Please specify in the order form if you prefer a wire transfer than credit card payment, and we'll get back to you with the wire details. 

If you are located in Canada, you can pay via e-transfer, in which case we can offer a small discount. Please be aware of your daily or weekly payment limit. You can split payments into multiple amounts if you have a limit per transaction etc.

Taxes and Import Fees

We are a business located in Canada, so we charge tax for all Canadian sales according to your provincial rate.

For all other deliveries outside of Canada, we do not charge tax but you are responsible for covering your local taxes and import/clearance fees upon entry. This is charged by UPS/DHL, and varies depending on how your country or region taxes certain items on the commercial invoice. Generally, most DMC2 machines and kits face less than $100 of total fees when importing into the US. This is not a guarantee, just an average from customer feedback.

Returns, Refunds, Warranty

Regarding a return/refund/warranty, we do not offer an official warranty or refund policy since given the nature of the machine (especially the kit) it is often difficult to tell if something gets damaged due to misuse or improper assembly etc. (like bending a ballscrew and not realizing until the machine is running). If something arrives defective, we will replace it, however once in use if any problems arise or replacement parts are needed, the most we can do is offer replacements at factory price. The intention is to help everyone who may run into issues as much as possible - but not have the liability on the Shariff DMC company since there are just too many variables to determine what would and would not fall under a hypothetical warranty. All of the parts minus the steel frame of course are selected to be high performing, but low cost, off the shelf and easily obtainable and replaceable components so that nobody is stuck with an unusable machine no matter what goes wrong. The instruction manuals for the machine contains all of the information and workings as well as part details to help diagnose any problems, should they occur, and if that isn't enough our customer support is here to help with whatever further issues may come up.

In reality we see these common problems:

  • Help! I've spilled the ballnuts during assembly. What do I do?

    • Ballnuts are a <$15 replacement per piece and can be purchased from us or online. One extra is included in every kit​

    • We are moving towards pre-installed ballnuts to eliminate this problem

  • The ballscrews have gotten bent or damaged during assembly. Where can I find new ones?

    • Ballscrews are an inexpensive replacement and can be purchased from us or online. There are different sizes used

  • I've damaged a power supply (coolant or chips have entered and shorted it)

    • We can sell you replacement VFD and machine power supplies. The VFD power supply can be purchased usually for under $200 online and the machine 36v power supply is easy to find for under $50​. be careful with where you mount the power supplies so they are safe from debris. 

Please note, All sales are final, and we reserve the right to decline any replacements, returns, refunds etc. at our discretion.

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