DMC1 Technical Specs

Cutting Envelope:

8" Y Axis, 12" X Axis, 5.5" Z Axis

Machine Overall Size:

Approximately 22" x 24" x 28" Tall

Machine Rapids:

Approximately 2500mm/min [100 inches/min]

Machine Resolution (At Full Microstepping):

0.0014mm [0.000055 inches]

Power Input:

120V AC

Machine Voltage:

24V DC

Stepper Drivers:

Toshiba TB6600

Additional Features:

Dual Spring Loaded Anti-Backlash Ballnuts on X and Y Axes

Rigid Steel Frame, Laser Cut Steel Sheet and Tube Parts, Powder Coated

Flood Coolant

4" Precision Ground Vise

0.005mm Repeatability Magnetic Probing Tool

Automatic Z Height Setter

15mm Linear Rails On All Axes