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DMC2 Technical Specs

Cutting Envelope:

14" X Axis, 10" Y Axis, 6.5" Z Axis

Machine Overall Size:

Approximately 21" wide x 22" long x 35" tall, not including the extra 3” for motors


Machine Weight:

Approximately 180 lbs, without accessories

Machine Rapids:

Up to 9000mm/min [350 inches/min]

Machine Resolution (Varies with Microstepping Settings):

0.0014mm [0.000055 inches]


Spindle Specs:

3 HP (2.2kw), 24000 RPM with built in ER20 Collet

Power Input:

120V AC 60Hz, or 220V AC 50/60Hz

You must specify your power requirements before purchase!


Additional Features:


  • Closed loop motors for all axes with stall/crash detection

  • X, Y  and Z automatic probing

  • Central lubrication system and hand pump for all rails and ball screws

  • High pressure (40 psi) coolant pump with increased variable flow rate

  • Chip management and filtration is much better (internal chip tray)

  • Frame specifically designed with spray foam points (for quieter operation)

  • Multi axis MPG handwheel available


DMC2 machines all come with a Mach3 controller board and accompanying files/softwares. You will need your own CAM software to generate g-code files, such as Autodesk Fusion360 which is available for free. The Mach3 controller included can be easily removed and swapped out for another controller of your choice, such as a LinuxCNC controller or GRBL, as long as they can output step, direction, enable signals etc.

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